Corporate Social Responsibility Policy


Premier Plant Hire – Corporate Social Responsibility Policy


Premier Plant Hire is committed to achieving clear and definite standards of corporate social responsibility throughout all areas of business.

Our ethical and sustainable commitment encompasses Business Conduct, Client Satisfaction Health & Safety, Training and Development, the Environment, Supply Chain Management, and Community Engagement.


Business Conduct

As a conscientious business we focus on maintaining an ethical and competent service with our clients, suppliers and our workforce.  Our promise to act at all times with honesty, integrity and sensitivity, has reinforced our position in the hire industry as the first choice when hiring plant, tools & equipment.

We regularly evaluate our business, service and compliance in order to constantly improve our competitive edge in the market place.


Client Satisfaction

Through our excellent strategic planning, employing quality people and commitment to innovation and value engineering we not only meet but continually exceed the needs and expectations of our clients and stakeholders. We pride ourselves on having a dedicated after sales & service team who will ensure all clients are supported when difficulties and unforeseen challenges arise.


Health & Safety

Employee health & safety is of utmost importance at Premier Plant Hire. We are committed to identifying and reducing any safety risks associated with our operations by improving how we reinforce safe behaviours with our employees.


Training and Development

Our target is zero injuries. To maintain high standards, our health & safety management team have implemented the following throughout all our operations:

·         Safe operative practices

·         Risk analysis, job safety analysis and PPE

·         Emergency preparation and fire prevention

·         Audits and Inspections

·         Accident investigation and tracking

·         Hazardous works and maintenance control

All employees and operatives are expected to ensure zero tolerance of any practices that could result in accidents and ill health.


Investing in our people

At Premier Plant Hire we are committed to the career development of our employees. Our culture is to grow and promote from within encouraging continual expansion of employee knowledge and skill sets. We are expanding quickly and there are plenty of opportunities for staff to develop their career.


Equal opportunities employer

Premier Plant Hire aims to be an equal opportunity employer and seeks to satisfy the objectives and intentions of relevant legislation and codes of practice pertaining to equal opportunities in employment. Premier Plant Hire’s Equal Opportunities Policy opposes all forms of discrimination. There should be no discrimination against employees, applicants for employment, trainees, persons providing a service to the company or seconded to the company, in line with the Equality act of 2010.



Protecting the environment in which we live and operate is part of Premier Plant Hire’s core principles and values. We only invest in robust, innovative technology with low carbon emissions, this not only reduces our environmental impact but also the impact of our customer’s.



We recognise that our success depends not only on the quality of our products, service and financial performance but also on the way we meet health and safety, environmental, social and local community responsibilities.

Our collaborative and partnership based approach allows us to add real value to the sustainable landscape through the use of innovation and creativity as well as implementing efficiencies and new technologies to reach our targets and increase our sustainability efforts.



We always do our best to ensure that we are ethical in everything that we do. We are honest with each other, our clients and our suppliers – and expect the same in return.


Supply Chain Management

Premier Plant Hire only forms partnerships with suppliers and engages stakeholders whose ethics and values are aligned with ours. We work with our supply chain in a collective pursuit of excellence.


Enriching communities

We are proud of our internationally diverse work force employed directly from the local community. Our working environment is culturally rich with daily opportunities learn and gain greater appreciation from alternative perspectives.

 We encourage our employees to support their favourite charities and assist with fund raising activities, matching funds raised.


Carbon Footprint Estimates

VehicleUsageCO2 FP/Stop
3.5t Diesel Van2400 stops / year0.00348 CO2t/stop
12/18t HGV1200 stops / year0.02342 CO2t/stop
MachineAv h Consumpt.CO2 FP/h
Bobcat E102.0 l/h0.005205 t per h
Bobcat E163.0 l/h0.007807 t per h
Bobcat E193.5 l/h0.009108 t per h
Bobcat E264.0 l/h0.010410 t per h
Bobcat E508.0 l/h0.020819 t per h
1t High Discharge Dumper3.0 l/h0.007807 t per h
2t High Discharge Dumper5.0 l/h0.013012 t per h
Compressor – 2tool5.0 l/h0.013012 t per h
Conveyor BeltsPower OutputCO2 FP/h
Conveyor – 10m2.2 kw/h0.001183 t per h
Shifta1.1 kw/h0.000591 t per h
GeneratorsAv h Consumpt.CO2 FP/h
6KVA1.0 l/h0.002602 t per h
20KVA2.0 l/h0.005205 t per h
50KVA5.0 l/h0.013012 t per h
70KVA7.0 l/h0.018217 t per h



We have membership with the following organisations:

191mm Roundel
 191mm Roundel 191mm Roundel 191mm Roundel191mm Roundel191mm Roundel

HMRC will disallow Red Diesel (rebated diesel) to be used in construction machinery w.e.f. 01/04/2022. Click here for more information.