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History of the Particle Filter

Premier Plant Hire has a long standing expertise in working with clients who operate in Confined & Enclosed spaces like Basements & Tunnels. Many years ago I was alarmed to see the original so called “air purifier” being used in a basement. It was a machine with a temporary particle filter that is commonly used in motor workshops when driving cars in and out. These particle filters are only designed to be used in the short term and they do not remove carbon monoxide from exhaust gases. After only 20-40 hours their filter cartridges must be replaced – at great expense.

When I left the basement my eyes were sore and my head was aching. I knew there had to be a better solution. After considerable research and many conversations we teamed up with Blackthorn Environmental to develop a system that removes Carbon Monoxide and toxic Nano Particles from exhaust fumes – all without filter replacements ever being required.

We have now successfully supplied mini diggers with particle filter to the construction industry for the past 4 years.

The biggest compliment I have received since installing the particle filter on our mini diggers came from a foreman who said: “Paul, we always had a bet who would be sick first when a digger arrived on site. Now, nobody even gets a headache!” Diesel Particle Filters can be hired as an additional item with our micro & mini excavators, or bought from our sister company BISAF Ltd.


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