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New Modular Conveyor Belt

It gives us great pleasure to announce we have recently introduced a new modular conveyor to our already vast number and variation of of conveyors for hire. Our new 450mm conveyor can solve many issues of access, excavation, demolition and the transfer of materials. Leading to significant savings in time, labour and machinery costs. The conveyors are easy to install, operate and can be dismantled quickly when no longer required. Single conveyor belts with a width of 300mm or 450mm are commonly used when space is tight and spoil is transferred continuously into a container or skip. Because they are modular, their length can easily be adjusted and they grow with the job. As the place of excavation is moving further away from the skip, new sections are added to the existing structure. The overall length of the conveyor can be as short as 3.75m – and grow to a length of up to 13.75m, using a 2.2KW, 110V single phase engine. A total length of 22.5m can be achieved by replacing the single phase 110V motor with a 3-phase 380V engine.


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