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The Double Conveyor Belt

The Double Conveyor Belt is unique to Premier Plant Hire and one of our most popular items for hire when constructing a basement. Our customers say they are most grateful for the efficiency and cost saving. Our latest product, the 600mm Double Conveyor Belt is capable of loading a lorry with excavated spoil in less than 20 minutes, thus eliminating the need to have skips in the road.

Choose between a double or a single conveyor:

  • We offer a free site survey ahead of every installation to advise on which conveyor is best for your site.

  • Our modern conveyors ensure a safe and more efficient working environment.

  • Conveyors come in 3 widths – 300mm, 450mm and 600mm (double conveyor).

  • The double conveyor shifts in excess of 30 tons of material per hour.

  • Ideal for conveying excavated rubble, stone, soil and all sorts of solid materials.

  • Conveyors can reach up to 13.7m in length with 110v single phase engine or in excess of 25m in length with a 3 – phase engine.

  • Our sister company BISAF Ltd. manufacture their own range of conveyors with 110V and with 3-phase engines.

  • We have a huge stock of them for hire in our London depot.


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